• February 27, 2014: Cheryl Sherrard quoted in Charlotte Business Journal’s January 10th edition of the Financial Planning Special Report, END OF STATE TAX CREDIT BRINGS COLLEGE SAVINGS INTO FOCUS.

    The… Read More

  • February 27, 2014: Cheryl Sherrard, CFP(R) quoted in’s blog about discussing finances before marriage. An excerpt from the post is below and the full article can be read here…. Read More

Why Clearview

  • Why Do Clients Choose Clearview Wealth Management? Clearview Wealth Management clients understand that having a clear path for their financial future is critical to their overall success.  They also understand that they may have neither the time nor the expertise to ensure that all the parts of their financial lives are working together toward their goals.  Therefore, they embark on a long-term …  Read More

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    • Roth IRAs get a lot of attention in the media, particularly aimed toward younger investors in their early earning years. Roth IRAs provide an additional way to save for retirement with after-tax dollars, but how do… Read More

    • For those of you who are behind in saving for your eventual retirement, I want to encourage you to save while you have the opportunity.  You may think you have plenty of time before the money… Read More