Life Transitions and the Sandwich Generation

One thing we all realize as we journey through life is that change is constant.  The changes can be positive or negative, and can include things like a job change, a child leaving for college, the birth of a child, starting school, graduating from school, difficulties at work, buying a house, empty nest, marriage, divorce, or death.  When only one transition hits at a time, we are typically able to concentrate and continue to function at very high levels.  However, there are times when the combination of stressors can be so overwhelming they have a serious impact on our brains’ ability to objectively cope with our lives. Consider the stressors of the Sandwich Generation.  This generation primarily encompasses those individuals aged 40-65 who find themselves caring for both their children and their aging parents.  They are essentially sandwiched between the generations; raising their children, saving for education, pursuing careers, saving for retirement and in many cases coordinating and providing for the daily care of their parents.  Because lifespans have increased, more adults have parents living well into their 80’s who Read on! →