Consider the Needs of Caregivers

If you have ever been in the role of caregiver to a sick family member, whether for a short period of time or for a long drawn out decline, you know it takes a huge toll on your own life and that of your family.  Caregiving can be an all-consuming task depending on the level of intervention needed.  Many times it forces the caregiver to completely rearrange their lives, taking unpaid leave from work, turning down promotions, stepping away from social engagements, spiritual interactions and even exercise to concentrate fully on caring for their family member. For many caregivers, they have no other options, either because of their sense of “doing what’s right” or because financially they cannot afford paid caregiving.  Statistics show forty-two percent of U.S. workers have provided care for an aging relative or friend in the past five years.1   One of the problems resulting for caregivers is they can quickly become isolated in this role, neglecting themselves, many times to the point of significant illnesses of their own.    Because caregiving can be so all-consuming, it also makes Read on! →