Tax Support for Small Business

As a small business owner there are many challenges that have to be addressed.  In addition to launching the service or product you dreamed of rolling out to a welcoming public, the small business owner is constantly inundated with the often mundane tasks of running the business.  If well-funded, the small business owner might have the luxury of hiring people to assist.  Engaging an accountant, lawyer or financial advisor to help with bookkeeping and payroll, business registration and filings or employee retirement plans is often money well spent.  Other jobs can be handled by the owner themselves or maybe by another employee of the company. Small business owners with employees and self-employed individuals know that tax obligations are with them year round.  Most also know there are important deadlines and specific rules to follow.  If unfamiliar with the tax calendar, a deadline is missed or a rule is misinterpreted, these failures can come with negative consequences, many of which are financial.  Regardless of whether a tax related job is outsourced or done in-house, it helps to be prepared and knowledgeable Read on! →