Cheryl Sherrard quoted in ThinkAdvisor

Grieving Clients, Sensitive Advisors – an article in ThinkAdvisor highlights how Cheryl’s Stephen Ministry Training has prepared her to work with people in crisis. Cheryl Sherrard, director of financial planning for Clearview Wealth Management in Charlotte, N.C., trained with the faith-based Stephen Ministry to teach her how to help people in crisis. Today, Sherrard listens much more attentively to clients in grief and she pays special attention to non-verbal cues. In the past, she would fill silence with her own talking. She no longer does that. “You get those who are very stoic and just want to work through the details and don’t want to show emotion. You get those who are a wreck and can’t function,” says Sherrard. “For me, it’s about being comfortable no matter what the reaction is and to know when not to push.” Click here to read the article.