Couples Conversations about Aging Parents

We all know that when we get married, we marry the entire family. What we may not realize is that each of us comes to a marriage with expectations about how we will interact with and assist our families.   Most couples talk about and come to consensus on topics such as when to visit which set of parents and can usually resolve that by rotating holidays with each family. However, the discussions you may not have had revolve around each of your expectations for the assistance and care of your parents and in-laws as they age. You may be fortunate that the prior generation has already dealt with planning for any needs that will arise in their later lives, but you and your spouse should consider what you know about their current situation, their preparedness for unexpected issues and your ability and willingness to help and supplement their care if needed. While we can’t control the specific course nor the timeframe of how our parents age, we can proactively discuss what our expectations are and how we want to Read on! →