Money Conversations

We are once again honored this week to be featured in Roger Wohlner’s blog, The Chicago Financial Planner! Roger was recently named #3 on the list of “Top 100 Most Social Financial Advisers in the US.” Last week Roger featured a blog by Cheryl Sherrard on the Money Conversations you should be having with your spouse regarding caring for your aging parents. You can read an excerpt from the write-up below, or read the whole article, here. We all know that when we get married, we marry the entire family.  What we may not realize is that each of us comes into a marriage with expectations about how we will interact with and assist our families.  Most couples talk about and come to consensus on topics such as when to visit which set of parents and can usually resolve that by rotating holidays with their respective families.   However, the discussions you may not have had revolve around each of your expectations surrounding caring for aging parents and in-laws.  You may be fortunate if the prior generation has already dealt with planning Read on! →