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Our clients desire a relationship with a team of financial planning experts who partner with them over the long-term to provide ongoing guidance through all of life’s transitions. The individuals and families we work with trust us to always act in their best interest and keep client care as our highest priority.

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Busy Professionals

When people are focused on their careers, their financial future may not receive the time or attention it deserves. Whether you are single, married, married with children, just starting your career, or nearing the top of your career ladder, we understand that as a working professional, you are busy and desire a relationship with an expert who can help you map out and adhere to a strategic plan.

We work with highly motivated individuals throughout their working years to ensure that smart financial decisions are made along the way. These individuals are focused on their careers and their family’s well-being, and partner with Clearview Wealth Management to develop an action plan to save and invest for their future.  Our advisors act as an accountability partner to ensure that even though life takes twists and turns, you can stay focused on what is important and on target toward your goals in the following key areas:

  • Cash flow management and goal setting
  • Savings strategies and proper asset location
  • Investment diversification and tax efficiency
  • Employee benefits review
  • College planning and education savings strategies for children
  • Insurance review and asset protection planning
  • Retirement income planning and retirement projections
  • School loan payoff plan
  • Estate planning and asset transfer

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Case studies for Busy Professionals

Women Seeking a Financial Partner

Women we work with appreciate a high level of care and partner with us because they enjoy our collaborative, team approach. Whether you are married, single, or a career powerhouse, Clearview Wealth Management will work with you to help you define and achieve your financial and lifelong goals. Our aim is to educate our female clients so they are empowered to make smart decisions that not only impact their financial lives, but also their overall well-being. Our female clients value proactive planning in the following areas:

  • Cash flow management and savings strategies
  • Assessment of personal risk and financial background
  • Strategic asset allocation and portfolio diversification
  • Employee benefits review
  • Insurance review (health, disability, life, long term care, etc.)
  • Retirement income planning
  • Tax efficiency
  • College savings strategies
  • Estate planning review
  • Family gifting and charitable giving preferences and priorities
  • Family discussions and planning across generations
  • Resources and strategies for assisting aging parents

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Small Business

Small business owners face a number of unique challenges. Clearview Wealth Management acts as your financial partner to ensure that as a business owner, you are considering the comprehensive nature of your situation when making financial decisions for your future and for the future of your business and employees. Because we are independently owned and not affiliated with a larger financial institution, we are uniquely positioned to offer help to small business owners in areas such as:

  • Employee benefit plans
  • Personal and employee healthcare choices
  • Organization and record keeping
  • Tax planning
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Succession planning
  • Diversification of investments

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Pre-retirees and Retirees

Clients approaching retirement or those newly retired have many considerations which warrant the assistance of professionals.  At Clearview, our goal is to pro-actively address the issues which clients will face as they approach each new phase of life, providing them with available options and clarity for the future.  Some of the issues which will be addressed include:


  • Pre-retirement assessment and savings strategy
  • Employer benefit review (stock options, benefit packages, compensation packages)
  • Comprehensive review of employer retirement plans and payout choices
  • Ongoing investment management
  • Comprehensive risk assessment
  • Asset placement to promote tax efficiency in retirement
  • Managing competing needs of aging parents and college students
  • Income tax planning
  • Retirement preview (what will it look like for you?)
  • Estate and legacy planning

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Case studies for pre-retirees: Early Retirement PackageAre you prepared for Retirement?


  • Retirement income planning and tax efficiency
  • Private insurance needs
  • Coordination of medical coverage
  • Social security optimization
  • Later life proactive planning (aging in place, retirement communities, end of life decisions)
  • Spousal protection considerations
  • Estate and legacy planning

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Case studies for retirees: Senior Housing Decisions


Whether the family’s wealth is acquired unexpectedly through an inheritance, legal settlement, other windfall event, or is the result of a business liquidity event, Clearview Wealth Management’s advisors act as your financial quarterback to coordinate and direct the components of your family’s wealth. We assist families with the following:

  • Appropriate diversification of family wealth
  • Risk assessment and asset protection methods
  • Generational intermediary for communication, education and conflict resolution
  • Incentive and control opportunities for wealth transfer
  • Family quarterback for interaction with other professionals
  • Trust management to provide continuity to successive generations
  • Transitioning family values to successive generations
  • Facilitate family meetings

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