Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions prospective clients have. This section may help answer your questions as well.


Why did you start Clearview Wealth Management?

We believe at all levels of wealth and regardless of life stage individuals deserve access to experienced,  credentialed advisors. Our client relationships focus on excellent client care, attention to detail and technical expertise to best serve their needs. Our vision is to use our skills and the good work they produce to attract clients and grow our firm over a long period of time. 


What is the benefit to using an experienced, credentialed advisor?

Because your life takes unexpected twists and turns, it is important that you partner with an advisor who is well educated in all the areas of wealth management.  Working with an experienced, credentialed advisor gives you a high level of expertise to address the wide array of financial issues you may face.  We believe it is important to work with an experienced advisor who holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. Additionally, our team members hold advanced degrees which enable them to provide more specialized knowledge to meet client needs. Learn why.


Will you coordinate with my other professionals? (CPA, Attorney, insurance specialist)

We work closely with your other professionals to ensure that all the components of your financial life are working together cohesively.  Because we are comprehensive advisors, we are the one advisor that best understands your overall situation and can be a resource to your other advisors.

We can also provide you with references to other professionals we know and trust if you do not already have an established relationship.


Do you work with clients outside Charlotte area?

We are registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and partner with clients across the U.S., as well as locally within the Carolinas.

Technological advances allow us to maintain effective communication with clients who live and travel anywhere in the country. Client meetings can be scheduled in person at our offices or remotely using video meeting technology. We also provide a personal website for each of our clients, with secure vault access for protected transfer of documents. We welcome the opportunity to work with clients across the United States as well as those local to the Charlotte area.


What’s the difference between fee-only and fee-based?

Fee-only firms, like Clearview Wealth Management, receive all of their compensation directly from their clients.  They accept no commissions, loads, referral fees or other incentives which might sway the advice they give to clients.

Other firms make the decision to organize as fee-based firms. They are compensated both directly by the client, as well as through other fee-sharing arrangements.  These might include loads on mutual funds they recommend or referral fees for referring their clients to other professionals.

As long as advisors fully disclose how they are compensated, prospective clients can then make informed decisions.  At Clearview Wealth Management, we believe that full transparency of fees is in the client’s best interest.


How are my assets protected at Clearview and what reports do you provide?

It is important to know we do not hold your assets. We have chosen Charles Schwab, Fidelity and National Advisors Trust Company as independent custodians to hold your investment assets and cash. As your wealth manager, we are given limited authority to view your accounts, and place trades to manage your investments.  As a general practice, we do not have authorization to move money to or from your accounts without your written consent.  This provides an additional level of protection over your assets.

We provide you with consolidated quarterly reports on the accounts we directly manage for you. You also have direct access to your accounts through the custodian websites. This gives you the opportunity to verify the work we perform on your behalf.