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Money and Yoga

Money and yoga. We don’t typically think of the two together. Why would we? One creates stress and anxiety while the other instills balance and peace. We don’t feel relieved when the markets go down and we don’t celebrate when we pay the bills. Who would want to reflect on stressful things when trying to find inner peace during “downward dog?” Financial planning and yoga are two of my passions, so when The Wall Street Journal decided to publish an article about the two, I couldn’t pass up the chance to reflect and share. It turns out that the integration of yoga and money is older than we might think, according to modern yoga researcher, Mark Singleton. Yoga requires deep concentration and discipline. When we think of this in terms of our financial lives, the two don’t seem so different. As your financial advisor, we practice disciplined asset allocation, diversification, and structured rebalancing to help you maintain balance during turbulent markets. We also look beyond market returns to ensure that your life aspirations are considered when developing and maintaining your Read on! →

Investing with Perspective

PER·SPEC·TIVE:   (1) a measured or objective assessment of a situation, giving all aspects their comparative importance (2) a particular evaluation of a situation or facts, especially from one person’s point of view  Last week my son turned 13 years old…a teenager!!! [Queue the scary music… “DUN-DUN-DUNNN”] As parents we try to pass-along all of our positive life experiences to our children in order to better prepare them for life.  We also bring up all of our negative experiences so they don’t share the mistakes that we, as parents, have made.  We hope that the lessons and words we use sink into our children’s scattered brains to ensure they are better prepared than we were!  However, the bottom line is that we have perspective because of our life experiences and it is difficult for our children to relate. We need perspective as wealth managers to educate clients, just as we educate our children.  Two weeks ago, the Dow Jones’s dramatic 550-point 2-day sell-off, coupled with interest rates spiking over 0.5%, dealt investors a double whammy of stock and bond market losses.  Read on! →

The Many Faces of Aging

I recently attended “The Many Faces of Aging” seminar hosted by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Council on Aging and The Ivey.  It was an extremely well attended event and had a panel of nationally recognized experts in topics of aging.  I attended initially because I am familiar with one of the speakers, Ron Manheimer, who is the retired ED of the NC Center for Creative Retirement at UNCA.   This was my first interaction with Sandra Timmerman, ED for the Metlife Mature Market Institute.  Both are nationally recognized experts in the field of aging and were wonderful sources of information and education. What I learned is that while Charlotte is not typically seen as a “destination” for retiring adults like Asheville or Pinehurst might be, there are a large number of senior adults in the city who are interested in improving their overall situation.  This search for improvement encompassed topics like finding ways to connect with other seniors, locating appropriate and enjoyable volunteer opportunities, and learning more about the community services available to enable “aging in place”.  I appreciated that the seminar Read on! →

Successful Aging

A recent article from Marketwatch talks about the concept of “successful aging” and what that looks like.  We all know those who age gracefully and look much younger than their birthdate indicates. However, is that the result of genetics or purposeful steps they took along their life’s journey?  The article suggests that we need to be doing all that we can today to stack the odds in our favor later in life.  As I look around me at those who are 10-15 years older than myself and getting ready to retire, it doesn’t take much looking to realize that the likelihood that some of them will experience “successful aging” is pretty slim.  They are overweight, inactive, and in many cases, already experiencing major health issues.  Most will tell you that they plan to change when they get some free time.  However, I would say that by waiting until their mid-60’s to begin to incorporate healthy routines into their lives, they may have already done irreversible damage. Although it is difficult to incorporate healthy habits into your life when you are Read on! →

Market Data and the U.S. Open

As we start a new week, I want to highlight a few items of interest that are coming up.  I don’t plan on scheduling my week around any of them but all will have their respective impact on my daily routines. Thursday, June 13 – Retail sales data for May will be released from the Commerce Department and the U.S. Open Golf Championship will begin at Merion Golf Club outside of Philadelphia, PA. Friday, June 14 – The May producer-price index is scheduled to be released by the Labor Department and The University of Michigan releases its consumer confidence index for June. The markets continue to be volatile as investors attempt to speculate on what the Federal Reserve will do next.  It is concerning that the stock market goes up even when the jobs data is not sufficient to put the economy on more solid footing.  There is something fundamentally risky with market appreciation that seems driven more by monetary policy than business fundamentals. Because you never know what the market will do, it is best to stick with your Read on! →