Cheryl Sherrard, CFP(r) quoted in’s blog, “A Valentine’s Day Warning: 45% of Divorcees Didn’t Talk About Money Before Marriage”

February 27, 2014: Cheryl Sherrard, CFP(R) quoted in’s blog about discussing finances before marriage. An excerpt from the post is below and the full article can be read here.


It helps to set aside time to sit down and go over the whole financial picture. Cheryl Sherrard of Clearview Wealth Management in Charlotte, N.C., listed in an email some discussion topics for couples considering marriage:

  • The assets and debts each person brings to the table

  • Personal spending habits

  • Spending limits — for instance, discuss any purchases more than $100.

  • Joint or separate accounts

  • How to share or split up living expenses

  • Attitude toward debt