June 2013 Newsletter

An Update from Clearview Wealth Management.

Greetings to each of you and thank you for making Clearview Wealth Management a wonderful success.  The past 3 months have been exciting and busy but what we are most proud of is your trust and willingness to continue our relationship.  We are grateful for this and we are committed to building and furthering this relationship through hard work and responsiveness to all your requests.

In this inaugural newsletter, the focus will be operations and client service initiatives.  The operational aspects of what we do often go unnoticed, but they are critical for us to meet and exceed your expectations around service and support of your financial requests.  Future newsletters will resume their attention  on financial planning and investment topics with an occasional update on firm news and industry trends.

As you may know, we engaged Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments and National Advisors Trust Company to serve as custodians of your accounts and the investments they hold.  We are excited to continue these relationships and take pride in the exceptional standard of care they provide.  Their strength and depth of service ensures accurate and timely completion of trades, statements and service requests.  We also continued our relationship with Nuveen Investments for managing the individual bonds in larger portfolios.

New to our stable of corporate partners is Envestnet.  Publically traded (ticker EVN) and based in Chicago, Illinois, Envestnet is a leading provider of integrated portfolio, practice management and reporting solutions to independent financial advisors.  We will rely on Envestnet to reconcile your account data, provide reports and process quarterly billing.  We are particularly pleased with their platform that allows us to offer online reports via a secure web-based portal.  While you will see a different look, we think you will like the report changes.  In the coming months we plan to solicit your feedback for possible adjustments so the reports are as user friendly as possible. (Stay tuned!)

The most exciting news is our new location.  It has been a long time coming but we are pleased to announce we will be located at 2115 Rexford Road in the SouthPark area of Charlotte.  We anticipate moving in during the second half of June.  The building name is Rexford Park II.  Some of you know acquiring office space has taken longer than expected.  Despite the delay, it has been worth the wait because our new office is easy to locate, has plenty of parking and carries the added benefit of being in close proximity to SouthPark mall and its amenities.  We have enjoyed supporting our local coffee shops and restaurants, but it will be nice to host client meetings at our new office and we look forward to seeing all of you soon!

With our work to onboard clients and accounts settling down, our focus is shifting to investments and financial planning.  The equity markets have dictated that portfolios be rebalanced by shifting equity gains to fixed income and hybrids.  With the equity market at an all-time high, we have elected to trim some gains and sell other holdings in the market strength.  We are also taking great care to show discipline when buying stocks and mutual funds that could be potentially overvalued.  This means you may have more cash in your portfolio than you have historically seen.  Individual portfolio investment changes have been made and will continue to be addressed.  Treven has found his stride as Chief Investment Officer and is guiding the Investment Committee in a disciplined decision-making process.  The format is encouraging a variety of viewpoints to be considered and weighed resulting in a greater understanding of our investments and how they impact a diverse client base with varying needs.

We have fielded numerous financial planning requests and look forward to resuming this fundamental work.  Our goal is always to have the highest quality planning tools in place so we are well equipped to address all your needs.  Many of you have already begun to help us rebuild our client files by providing the basics like tax returns, wills and 401(k) statements.  More requests will be made and we appreciate your willingness to help.  Efforts are underway to establish regular and informative topical writings on our website.  These will address current planning issues and other areas seen often in the media such as healthcare, social security and Medicare.  Cheryl and Megan have been very busy and our “just launched” website will provide a ready platform to showcase their research and writings.

As this inaugural newsletter comes to a close, we want to end by again saying thank you.  Your support over the past three months has been humbling.  We will strive to exceed your expectations and to elevate the care brought to your relationship.  We are excited about what the future holds and are grateful you have chosen to be a part of our shared journey.