Lessons from Dad

dad play with son outdoor at parkIn honor of Father’s Day, we’d like to give a small tribute to Dad this week. For the many lessons and unspoken words of wisdom we’ve received over our lives, we say “thank you” to all the dads out there.

To the dad who taught us to save

Remember when you received your first piggy bank? I do, although it was not a piggy at all, but rather a red crayon shaped “bank.” Fortunately (or unfortunately maybe) for me, the memory is captured on film somewhere in our vault of embarrassing, never to be shared home videos. While my reaction to the gift at the time was what you might expect from any child on their third birthday – two seconds of mediocre excitement followed by a race to rip through the next present – I didn’t realize this was the beginning of a lifelong lesson. Beyond the gift of my first piggy bank, my father continued to reiterate the importance of savings and frugality through positive reinforcement and leading by example in his own life. While the lesson may have taken years to stick, I’ll always appreciate the humble beginnings of this priceless lesson from Dad.

To the dad who taught us to stay true to our values

One of the most important principles a father can instill in their child is the strength and wherewithal to stay true to their values. How easy it is to get wrapped up in what the crowd is doing or to get whisked away down the wrong path, when you know in your heart it’s not the right thing to do. Today we are thankful for the dads who taught us the importance of standing strong in our beliefs and to be our own person, despite what others might say. By not swaying our best judgment when peer pressure rears its ugly head, we are able to make smart decisions that impact not only our lives, but the lives around us in a positive way.

To the dad who taught us to lead by example

For years growing up we watched like a hawk as Dad made his daily decisions – the decision to give his best at work each day, to go to church on Sundays, to help the neighbors clean up their yards after a storm, pay the bills on time…whatever decisions you observed as a child, they are likely engrained in you and affect the decisions you make today because of the examples you witnessed. Watching Dad taught us that our actions speak louder than our words. If we want to instill strong morals and smart decision-making in our own children and those around us, we should remember to lead by example because our actions speak volumes.

To the dad who taught us to be prepared and open to new opportunities

My father is a very successful business man, but he didn’t get there by sitting on the sidelines and waiting for opportunity to find him. As a little girl, I watched my dad leave his secure, well-paying corporate job of almost 20 years to start a new business from scratch, all while supporting a family of five on his income alone. While I couldn’t grasp what a big deal this must have been at the time, now I can look back and appreciate the strategic preparation and smart, calculated decision-making that must have taken place prior to taking such a leap of faith. I look up to my father in many ways, but one of the lessons I appreciate most is that with proper planning, it’s not only okay, but encouraged to try new things, go after your dreams, and take calculated risks that may (or may not) pay off in the end.  As long as you have calculated all possible outcomes and are financially and mentally prepared for these results, it might just be a decision worth making.

Last but certainly not least, to the dad who taught us to be thankful

Life is full of ups and downs, but it is important to be thankful in all circumstances and support the causes you believe in with your time, talents and gifts. At the end of the day, there is always something to be thankful for and someone else who could use your help. Using the resources available to you may or may not include monetary means of support, but it is just as impactful, if not more so, to give your time and talent to those in need.

This Father’s Day, we encourage you to reminisce on the lessons you’ve learned from Dad. You might even call him and say “thank you” if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity.

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Clearview Wealth Management!