College Checklist for Parents

If you are preparing to send a child off to college for the first time this month, you are likely feeling a bit overwhelmed and under-funded.  Speaking as a parent who is currently sending child number 5 to college, I understand your angst.  However, as a Financial Advisor, there are a few items that you cannot afford to neglect as you get ready for this momentous day. Essential protections for the parent Believe it or not, at 18 years of age, your children are considered adults and are therefore protected by the privacy laws.  This means that you no longer have full access to their information. For Medical Emergencies – You should prepare Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA) and HIPAA waiver documents for your 18+ year olds as these legal documents determine who is entitled to have access to medical records and act on their behalf in the event of a medical emergency.  Imagine you live in North Carolina and your college student who attends school in New York is taken to the emergency room. Because your student is Read on! →