A Hidden Gem in the Asheville Mountains

Many have had the pleasure of visiting Asheville and the surrounding area.  You may have visited during fall foliage season or in the spring when Biltmore’s gardens were in full bloom.  However, there is a lesser known event which occurs in the Asheville area twice a year and may be perfect to explore as you contemplate an important time of your life, retirement.   The concept of lifelong learning is not a new one.  Many take advantage of learning opportunities throughout their lives, completing degree programs at all ages.  However, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) located in the mountains of Asheville, takes that learning to new heights.  The topography of this small corner of the UNC Asheville campus helps and the offerings at the institute offer an amazing variety to please every sense.  One of their most unique offerings is a weekend adventure called, Paths to Creative Retirement.   The Institute hosts a 2 ½ day workshop focused on the many facets of retirement.  While your Financial Advisor typically helps you plan for the financial aspects of retirement, this workshop Read on! →

Job change? Your guide to a financially smooth job transition

In the past, employees traditionally worked for one company for the majority of their career.  However, this is becoming increasingly uncommon for today’s workers.  Employees are typically feeling unappreciated and overworked, and as a result a number of individuals are seeking a job change more often than we have seen in the past. With intra-career job transition becoming more the “norm” in today’s society, it’s important for you, as the employee, to understand the impact such a transition will have on your financial situation, the level of control you will have with certain benefits, the benefits you might be forced to leave behind and the critical decisions you’ll need to make along the way. Regardless of why you are transitioning into a new role, if you find yourself in this position make sure you consider the following to ensure a smooth transition. Considerations for your current/previous employer benefits Changing jobs presents you with an opportunity to consolidate and take control of your retirement benefits. While each company specific plan will have its own rules, there are a number of questions to consider when Read on! →

Clearview Wealth Management’s First Annual Open House

October 17, 2013: Thank you to everyone who came out to Clearview Wealth Management’s First Annual Open House! The event was a big success filled with good food, great friends, and plenty of laughter. It was a joy for us to see some of our closest clients, colleagues and friends together in one place. It is hard not to have fun when you’re in great company. We appreciate everyone’s ongoing support and could not be happier that you have chosen to be a part of Clearview Wealth Management. We hope that you can join us next year, as we have decided to make this an annual event!