Clearview Commentary – October 2022

Calmer Waters by Eric Clark, CFP Over the summer, I had the pleasure of taking a rafting trip with my daughter.  For a week, she and I enjoyed navigating – with seasoned guides – the middle fork of the Salmon River in oar boats, paddle boats and inflatables, otherwise known as duckies.  I gladly and enthusiastically held my own in the paddle boats, jumping at every prompt bellowed by our youthful guides.  But, having absolutely no experience with kayaking, I stayed away from the duckies.  These inflatables seemed to go wherever the current pushed, which in a few cases, was much too close to unyielding boulders and water determined to toss you out. At an altitude of 6,300 feet, our journey began at Boundary Creek Campground, deep in the heart of the Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness Area.  The start was a beehive of activity.  Colorful rafts from a multitude of outfitters, sliding rafts and gear to the river’s edge using a steep wooden ramp.  Guides and rafters, hustling and bustling to load and secure gear, find Read on! →