Year-end Reflections and a Look Ahead

As 2013 comes to a close, it is a good time to reflect on the many things that have transpired.  For us, the year brought the start of a new firm and the opportunity to place new emphasis on our clients and the comprehensive nature of our work.  We are grateful to our clients and to the professionals who showed support during the year.  We look forward to providing many years of dedicated service and working together to navigate the numerous financial needs that will arise throughout the course of our relationship.

Equity markets continued to show strength in 2013 and portfolios benefited as a result.  We remained diligent, yet cautious throughout the year.  Diligence came in the form of keeping fixed income and hybrid investments at targets.  Caution was exhibited by seeking quality, valued oriented equity investments and by keeping higher than normal levels of cash.  The result was moderate, yet steady growth in portfolios with reasonable downside protection when markets retreated.  Growth is more uncertain in 2014.  Interest rates remain low, but tapering by the Federal Reserve seems more imminent.  Robust economic growth seems stymied by uncertainty around corporate and personal tax policy, domestic spending programs and healthcare initiatives.

With startup activities complete, 2014 will bring an inward focus on raising the comprehensive nature of our services.  Investing will continue to emphasize quality over momentum oriented growth.  Fully diversified portfolios will remain at the core of our oversight.  Additional value will come in the form of educating clients and professionals alike on the merits of staying invested through volatility and market pullbacks.  Financial planning will illuminate the road ahead and address the routine and the unexpected financial occurrences that life presents.  The comprehensiveness of our planning will provide insight around how to proceed with decisions in a knowledgeable manner.

Growth of Clearview Wealth Management will be intentional but grounded in first serving our clients. In 2014, we will increase our outreach with trusted professionals to enable us to serve both current and future clients at our highest level of care and service. The firm will look for opportunities to engage individuals who will most benefit from our particular expertise and strengths.  Providing topical news and information that resonates with both current and prospective clients will remain a cornerstone.  We will couple the benefits of technology with our commitment to ongoing personal interaction to deliver an exceptional client experience. Financial industry involvement, professional networking and community outreach will round out efforts to remain engaged and influential as a trusted source for financial guidance.

2013 has been a quite a year in many ways.  2014 holds significant promise in just as many.  Our team at Clearview Wealth Management is grateful to all of you who have enabled us to achieve so much in such a short period of time, and we look forward to sharing many prosperous years ahead.  All the best for a happy holiday season and a joyous start to the New Year.