Investment Management

Managing Risk & Reward

You’ll complete our exclusive risk tolerance questionnaire when you partner with us. We combine this insight with what we learn about your long-term goals. It helps us develop a personalized investment strategy just for you.

Successful investing is achieved by appropriately balancing risk and return over the long term. We conduct detailed research in valuation metrics to uncover investments that focus on high-quality, attractive risk-reward attributes, which can provide downside protection over a lifetime of investing.

Portfolio Diversification

Diversification of your portfolio assets serves an important role in times of market fluctuations. Our role is to be the voice of reason when your emotions keep you from sound decision-making. Consistently staying invested in the markets and having assets with differing characteristics help create long-term investment growth. We assess global macro-economic factors and trends to help develop our investment thesis, which guides us in the selection of specific investment holdings for each area of your portfolio.

A well-diversified portfolio consists of multiple asset types, each with its attributes and risk-reward metrics to balance the risk for a given level of expected return. The five primary asset classes used are cash, fixed income, hybrids, US equity, and international equity. These primary asset classes are further diversified to reflect large, mid, and small company size and developed and emerging market companies worldwide.

Implementing Efficiencies

As a fee-only firm, we do not accept commissions or use investments that carry loads which helps reduce internal costs to your portfolio. The cost-benefit of a particular investment is an important factor when evaluating its appropriateness for the portfolio. We focus on exchange traded funds (ETFs) and no-transaction-fee (NTF) mutual funds for added internal cost savings. In larger portfolios, we also use individual stock positions to reduce costs further.

We carefully review tax efficiency within the portfolio through active gain/loss management and tax bracket management when considering the impact of distributions and conversions in tax-deferred accounts.

Regular Review & Rebalancing

Portfolio holdings are reviewed daily using industry research and sophisticated software to identify unique market circumstances. Weekly investment team meetings allow us to evaluate global economic data, trends, risk/return details, and opportunities for future investment.

Individual portfolios are reviewed multiple times throughout the year based on both complexity and need, reflecting your risk profile, unique cash needs, and your goals.

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