Many families have a trust as one component of their overall financial picture.  It may involve an irrevocable grantor trust that they set up, or they may be an income beneficiary of an existing trust, or even a remainder beneficiary who will eventually inherit the assets of the trust.  Whatever the situation, historically clients had to hold the trust assets at a large institution, while the rest of their invested assets might be with a trusted independent financial advisor.

Clearview Wealth Management has a unique relationship with National Advisors Trust Company, a nationally chartered trust company that was created exclusively for independent investment advisors.  National Advisors Trust Company’s business model is designed to allow Clearview Wealth Management, as an independent Registered Investment Advisor, to manage the investment of trust accounts that our clients may have, in the same way that we manage client’s other investment accounts, thereby allowing the client to maintain one advisor relationship for all their investment relationships.  This unique approach allows the client to experience the same high level of personal attention for their trust relationships as they have become accustomed to for their personal accounts.

The relationship between Clearview Wealth Management, National Advisors Trust Company and the trust client works as follows:


National Advisors Trust Company acts as the custodian for the trust assets and provides the administrative oversight, compliance and filing capabilities that are required for this type of entity.  They are federally chartered and can therefore work with trusts from all 50 states, including serving as a corporate trustee if needed.  Their only business is as a trust company so there are no proprietary product placements within the trusts, as might be found in other institutions.

Clearview Wealth Management acts as the investment advisor for the trust account, as well as any other personal accounts that the client may have at our other custodians. Visit our Client Center to see a list of our other custodial relationships.  Our firm establishes a long-term personal relationship with the client, understanding the complexities of their financial life in order to appropriately care for the family throughout the generations.  Our investment experts professionally manage the assets of the trust, following the directives as set out in the trust documents whether that be for maximizing current income or preserving assets for the remainder beneficiaries.

Clearview Wealth Management is able to transfer trusts currently held at the major institutions to National Advisors Trust.  We believe this can be of greatest value to those clients with trust assets up to $10 million, as we can provide the personal attention and comprehensive viewpoint you may have been lacking.  If you are not receiving the personal attention you believe you deserve, contact Clearview Wealth Management to discuss the alternatives you might have available for the care of your trust assets.