Our Financial Planning Philosophy is built on the following fundamentals:

Comprehensive Financial Planning

A critical truth we have seen over many years of caring for our clients is that financial decisions should never be made in a vacuum. It is important that each goal be examined in coordination with all the components of your financial life to ensure that decisions are made only after careful consideration of the bigger picture. We coordinate with your other professionals (e.g. accountant, estate attorney, and insurance professionals) to ensure that all pieces of your financial plan are properly vetted and working together. An in-depth evaluation of all the pieces of your finances ensures that the risks to your lifelong goals are reduced or eliminated wherever possible.

Each client’s situation is unique, which is why we take a completely customized approach to your financial plan. We believe that optimal investment management can only be achieved along with a comprehensive analysis of your finances, life circumstances and goals. Depending on your situation, your plan may include examination in the areas of cash flow management, retirement planning, income tax planning, estate planning, risk management (including insurance needs), employee benefits, generational transfers, and more.

Visit our case studies to view real life examples of the types of planning situations our team has assisted clients with in the past.

No Additional Planning Fees

Clearview Wealth Management understands that questions about your financial future will be ongoing and will require expert assistance in navigating the twists and turns of your life’s journey. Because of the circuitous route that life takes, we believe you should have the benefit of a team of advisors to assist you on your journey. Therefore we made a conscious decision to incorporate our comprehensive financial planning as an integral part of our wealth management solution. This means that you have access to the planning expertise of Clearview Wealth Management for each question and decision you face in your finances. We believe that by examining individual issues in light of the bigger picture, better overall decisions will be made that continue to move you forward towards your goals.

Un-conflicted Advice

Because of the transparent nature of our fee structure, you can rest assured that the advice you receive is not financially motivated and a reflection of our goal to always act in your best interest. Being compensated only by our clients alleviates any outside incentives that might sway our best judgment. Because we are all holders of the prestigious CFP® designation, we are also held to a fiduciary standard. This requires each CFP® Certificant to “at all times place the interest of the client ahead of his or her own.” We believe that this is the only approach you should consider when choosing your advisor.

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