Protect Yourself from Financial Scams

It seems we hear about new financial scams on such a regular basis, from healthcare and income tax scams to Target store credit card breaches to general email phishing scams, that most of us hardly bat an eye at them anymore. Protecting your identity is an important issue, now more than ever before. In today’s digital world, where information is at our (and not to mention, potentially dangerous hackers’) fingertips, it is imperative to know how to prevent becoming the latest victim of a financial scam, and how to check up on your credit to know if a breach on your identity has in fact occurred. The key is to be aware of the potentially harmful schemes ahead of time so that you are prepared to properly avoid them, as well as continually staying on top of your personal information in case your identity is ever compromised.   Tax Scams Tax season has proven to be a time of year that many scammers use to prey on individuals in the midst of their tax preparation. Below are a few tax-time Read on! →